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Ya'Acov fra School of Movement Medicine siger om Movement Medicine:


"In the modern world, we have learned to separate our inner journey from our outer actions in the world. This has often meant that people who care for the world and for nature do so at the expense of caring for themselves. Conversely, those who take the inner journey have often done so at the expense of their care for the world. Movement Medicine is a pathway that embraces both paths as one. We recognize that to be at our most effective, we must find ways to reconnect to source.


We must take time to nourish the body heart and mind, to our own creativity and hope. Movement Medicine is mindfulness in motion. It is a healing practice that brings us back to our own sense of ground and direct, lived connection through the body to the living earth beneath us. It brings us into a place where we can find the strength to listen to and follow our own hearts and to recognize that the deeper our connection to the life that moves inside us, the deeper our connection is to the life that moves outside us in its huge variety of forms.


To find a new story, we need to become conscious of the story that we are living, not just in the mind but also through the body and heart. To change the dream, we must know how the current dream lives in us, release ourselves from it and remember our capacity to choose."


Ya'Acov Darling Khan


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