Embodied Leadership and Co-Creation


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And Co-Creation




Susannah Darling Khan


SoulHouse - Copenhagen

22. - 24. March 2019


includes a Move! open evening on Friday 22. March


And Co-Creation


To grow as individuals and to become effective leaders, team members, creators and change makers, we need a safe space in which to explore, enquire, make mistakes and learn. Today, leadership is often less about command and control, than about guiding creative team work and collaboration. This kind of leadership requires us to develop many skills within ourselves including clarity, congruence, co-creation and both receptive and active leadership. This work you will give you space and support to explore your embodied personal relationship with these themes through Movement Medicine dance practice.


Movement Medicine is a methodology for developing embodied consciousness through dance. It supports our physical and emotional freedom and helps us access our creativity, power, awareness and zest for life. It helps us to strengthen our own original essence, our deep purpose andour appreciation for ourselves, others and for life itself.


Owning your own personal authority and being able to collaborate supports you to make a positive difference in your own life, in your relationships and in the world. Whatever your relationship with leadership and co-creation, you are invited to come and dance into an embodied and creative exploration of this important theme for our lives and our times.


Susannah’s background is in Anthropology (1st class hons ucL 1986) and Gestalt Psychotherapy (graduate of the Gestalt Centre London 1988). Her teaching is full with energy, clarity, sensitivity and her infectious love of the dance itself. Susannah has been teaching conscious dance internationally for 28 years, and is the co-founder of the School of Movement Medicine.


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Practical info about the workshop:



Full Workshop:

Weekend 22. - 24. March 2019

Move! Eve:

Friday evening kl 19.00 til 21.30



Saturday kl. 11.00 - 18.00

Sunday kl. 10.00 - 16.30.



SoulHouse, Hørsholmsgade 20,

2200 Copenhagen N


Cost before 7.2.2019 Early Bird:


Full Workshop Sat+Sun incl Move! Eve Friday: 1.900 DKK if fully paid by 7.2.2019. Deposit 1.000 DKK by sign up and pay the rest latest 7.2.2019.


Cost after 7.2.2019:

Full Workshop Sat+Sun incl Move! Eve Friday: 2.400 DKK paid by sign up.

Move! Eve Friday evening: 300 DKK. Paid by sign up.

EMBODIED LEADERSHIP Sat+Sun: 2.200 DKK. Paid by sign up.


After 7.2.2019 no refund of the cost.


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